Please Note: Rates do not include 8.5% sales tax

All 3 TSA golf courses utilize “Dynamic Pricing”. By definition, dynamic means "constant change." We prefer to view dynamic as "progress." This process will allow golf rates to be adjusted - both lower and higher - in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors.  While this style of pricing may be new to the game of golf- airlines, hotels and now even your favorite sports teams have been utilizing this  pricing strategy for years.

With rates changing daily, Dynamic Pricing gives you the ability to choose the RIGHT rate for you, at the RIGHT time for you, on the RIGHT day for you.

You can book your tee time online by clicking the link below or if you prefer to speak with a golf associate, please call 813-356-1671


Small Basket (approximately 35 balls) - $6.00

Large Basket (approximately 70 balls) - $9.00

Driving Range Value Card (20 large baskets) - $120.00

Hours of Operation – 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (range closes at 5:00 pm on Wednesday nights and reopens at 8:00 am on Thursday mornings for maintenance)


Wilson Rental Clubs: $20.00

Available in – Men’s RH/LH and Women’s RH


  • For more information concerning the TSA card, please ask our staff

  • Early Bird rates at TSA’s discretion, 9 holes only, before 8:15 a.m.

  • Twilight start time will adjust at the TSA's discretion

  • Rates may vary at each TSA Golf Course

  • Senior Days - Age 55, riding only

    • Rogers - Mon / Wed; Babe - Tues / Thur; Rocky – Tues

  • Weekend rates on all holidays (11/22-23, 12/24-25)